Welcome to Scholastic Endeavours!

Scholastic Endeavours is a private tution, coaching and mentoring company which assists students to achieve their own endeavours.

How does Scholastic Endeavours assist students achieve their own endeavours?

All students have their own scholastic endeavours which can be difficult to navigate. The end goal may change, take many years or simply pose many obstacles. Scholastic Endeavours aims to make this process easier by:

    • providing student specific tuition, coaching and mentoring for students from Kindergarten through to University,

    • actively sourcing materials to assist students with any aspect of their education and

    • encouraging students to think beyond what is immediately apparent.

Scholastic Endeavours does this by ensuring students know subject content and have developed sound learning skills. Once the knowledge is attained and the skills are developed, the subsequent confidence is harnessed to improve other aspects of education and life.

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